Our country is not free anymore, Puisi Optimis Bahasa Inggris we've become a colony again. Welcome to the new colonialism, brother. We first colonizers of the country, is now a multi-colonialist invaders of many nations. They tie silk, welcoming smile enormous and many. The more we borrow, the more excited because the easier the breaking down our throats.

In our country, the prospect of a nice industry. A variety of industry formats, very promising, so research report. The number one most single, very high in the evaluation, the full promise of the future, is a corrupt industry.

Move to the left hit by pickpockets, kesenggol jambret move to the right, the road in front of the thief overpowered, way in the back full of bully, who in the artisan oppressed. To survive rational sane course in Indonesia, has been lucky.

Look thieves are now stealing it in congregation. They bersaf-saf stand up meetings, regularly disciplined and how humility. Once you have difficulty meeting their stand through it. Once the procedure is not possible systematic sabotaging you. So khusyu'nya, you think they worship. Then we asked, might there be a thief who istiqamah?

The pilgrims left hand sign MOU disposition and MUO (Mark Up Operation), her right hand making a scholarship foundation, orphanages and boarding schools.

The congregation now foot pawing tribute to and fro, his right leg alms, go umrah and hajj.

Left brain designing percentage commission and budget cuts, the right brain tithe treasure, repent and ask God's forgiveness nasuha.

How to fight thieves who steal in congregation like this? Congregation staunchly as Diding palace, is not immune to earthquakes and flash floods hit, even those commentators regulations and drafting legislation, law enforcement as well as shakers, working alternately.

At first glance, judging from the style of course, we'll know who the author of the above verses of poetry. Who else if not our poet Taufiq Ismail! Poetry partly rows I quote it titled "Maybe once I Also Own Maling". Tells the story of corruption theme, the theme is outdated but it should continue to be repeated.

In 1998, in the early days of the crisis that hit Indonesia, the aging poet launches his collection of poems titled "Shame (I) So People Indonesia." This title quickly became famous, and even become a "byword" are popular. As with other works of art on the theme of social criticism, his poetry became a kind of catharsis for the people of this country who are half frustrating ordeal suffered like never-ending, even until now.

But I do not know; since then, he looks like "addiction" to write poems themed laments. Taufiq poem themes are now not far from the wailing and moaning piteously upset-ridden. Taufiq Ismail is one of the few that we have a brilliant poet. His poetry is nice and weighty. Written in the style of prose, intelligent and unbiased choice of words. But the theme is so-so just make me so tired reading his poems.

Our country is currently experiencing severe problems. It's true, we almost become ravaged nation. Fucked from every respect. But I believe that we still have hope. There are still many people who sincerely work for jointly issued this nation from the brink of chaos. Suppose this nation is in the process of learning. Being boiled in the cauldron Candradimuka for that then became the mighty Ghatotkacha. Behind every failure and misfortune that befell this nation, must be tucked wisdom.

No need to we continue to mourn, self-pity. All we need now is work hard with enthusiasm and optimism. We are not going to rise from adversity just quietly stand by while reading the poems themed full pessimistic laments. I guess I will pause to read the poems Taufiq Ismail, until one time he could come up with a more optimistic poem.

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